Mens black diamond ring

A mens black diamond ring is an eye catching and original type of ring to wear. Not very commonly seen (and somewhat difficult to find online), these stunning and unusual pieces of jewelry really bring out the best in darker colored attire.

One of the first decisions to make when selecting a black diamond ring is whether you want the diamond set in yellow gold or white gold, or in some cases sterling silver. Lets start by taking a look at some yellow gold mens black diamond rings.

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Containing three beautiful black diamonds, this good looking ring for men shown above is make of ten carat yellow gold. For those who prefer the look of six smaller black diamond, take a look at the bold looking gold ring below.

Also made of 10k yellow gold, this gold ring (above) makes a great statement. While a good match for yellow gold, black diamonds also go very well with white gold, as shown in the mens black diamond wedding band rings below.

The next mens white gold ring (14k) with black diamonds has a substantially larger black diamond, which is very eye catching, distinctive, and most certainly impressive.

Finally, let’s look at some black diamond men’s rings set in sterling silver. The first example ring shown below is a solitaire ring containing a beautiful and eye catching single black diamond.

The next ring contains a long row of black diamonds, set alongside two rows of white diamonds. The combination provides great visual contrast.

Here is another good looking sterling silver men’s ring with both black and white diamonds.

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