Mens peridot ring

Welcome to our page which reviews the various types of mens peridot rings available. A beautiful olive green peridot ring for men is a great choice for a gift, especially for those with August birthdays as periodot is the August birthstone.

When selecting a men’s peridot ring, some of the choices to consider are whether you want genuine and naturally occurring peridot, or if man-made / synthetic peridot is ok. As peridot is often mounted on a yellow or white gold, sterling silver, or a platinum ring band that is another choice to make. Finally, peridot looks very nice when surrounded by clear genuine diamonds, synthetic diamonds, or other colors or gemstone. The size of the peridot, and the cut (e.g. emerald cut) are also choices to make. As is the shade / tint and intensity of the periodot stone. A dark olive green is often considered the most desirable of the periodot rings for men. Some stones have mily inclusions, some don’t.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the various types of mens periodot ring. These first ones are white gold:

And next are some mens peridot yellow gold rings:

Guy peridot rings in platinum are quite popular, as are those in sterling silver as well.

Glad you stopped by our page about the peridot gemstone for mens jewelry rings. When a man wears a peridot stone, it can definitely contribute to an eye catching and stylish look. Good luck in your search for a great mens peridot ting.