Solid gold mens rings

Solid gold mens rings are a perenial favorite of men around the world. Given golds high density, a solid gold ring has a heavy, substantial feel when on the finger. Knowing your jewelry is solid gold gives one a quiet sense of confidence and style. In this page we go over the various types of mens gold rings, from the most basic wedding band to the most elaborate gold nugget ring, and most everything in between.

The most common type of gold ring for men is certainly the ubiquitous mens gold wedding ring. Here are some examples of solid gold mens wedding rings on Amazon, many of which have very positive reviews. The first row is in yellow gold, and the second row are mens white gold wedding rings or bands.

There are many other types of solid gold mens rings other than wedding bands. One popular kind are mens gold nugget rings such as those shown here. Flashy and very visible, nugget rings for men add a bit of bling to any outfit. While many of the smaller mens gold nugget rings are fine for everyday use, some of the larger or heavier nugget rings are most appropriate for a night on the town as due to their size they may not be comfortable for all activities.

Solid gold mens rings are often made more visually stunning and valuable by including diamonds. Here are some mens diamond gold rings for your review.

Mens gold claddagh rings are also available online. This type of Irish ring is typically used either as a wedding band, or as a token of one’s love. This style of mens solid gold ring dates back to the 17th century and is a traditional favorite.

Mens gold cross rings are also worn by many. They can be a positive visible symbol of ones devotion and belief.

Finally, another popular type of solid gold ring are mens gold onyx rings such as those shown here. Since black onyx is typically used in gold rings, it created a great contrasting surface upon which to display various symbols.

When you’re selecting a solid gold mens ring, some things to consider are listed here. Most important is the sizing. It is critical to either measure a ring you or he already wears comfortably, or have your finger measured by a jeweler or by other means (such as the ring sizing charts which can be printed). Another consideration when making your ring choice is whether you want 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. The width of the ring is also important. A thinner ring such as a 4mm one is typically less noticable both to the wearer and others than say a 6mm ring.

At this mens jewelry rings site our goal is to make your search for particular types of mens rings easier. So you can find the item you’re looking for fast, and get on with other tasks instead of taking tons of time searching around the web. We hope this page about solid gold mens rings eased your search, and thanks for stopping by our website.